e-money journal

Today I started poking around with e-Money. For those who have never heard of it: it is crypto money, and is behind several European stablecoins like eEUR, eCHF, eSEK, eNOK, eDKK. Here’s the project roadmap. Since this is a largely tech blog, I don’t intend to go into financial & other social aspects of crypto […]

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Joining the world of blockchain

So, this blog post is simply a public “diary entry” announcing to the world that I’ve officially entered the world of blockchain. Now, this is late 2021 when I’m writing these lines. Blockchain itself started as early as 2009 (at least publicly – but definitely the idea was incepted from an even earlier point in […]

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TypeScript Node.js testing tips

Situation 1 Use mocha in server-side TypeScript projects with compilerOptions.paths in tsconfig.json ? Then we need: mocha tsconfig-paths ts-node { “ts-node”: { “files”: true } } in the tsconfig.json file (see more here) Depending on how we import our modules around in the codebase, point (4) above may not always be needed. In one of […]

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I have a number of git repos on remote systems (e.g. GitLab) where my laptop’s pub key is already registered for a certain other account not associated with the aforementioned git repos. Thus, I usually have to GIT_SSH_COMMAND=’ssh -i <path/to/some/private/key>’ git <command> so as to communicate with these repos under the correct identity. I might […]