Greensock Tweening Platform experience

The TweenMax, after applying “blurFilter” on a DisplayObject, even at blurX = 0 and blurY = 0, will leave the DisplayObject unclickable. This is probably a feature, probably a bug, I’m not sure.

What I know is, even if we register an “onComplete” function to the blurFilter tween itself, in which we explicitly call “DisplayObject.filters = []”, it will still fail!! It’s like, after the “onComplete” event is fired, the Tween Platform still keeps updating the blurFilter for a little more while…

The solution was to add the aforementioned “onComplete” target function to another Tween, or add a delay call to it. Whatever we do, as long as the DisplayObject’s filters is reset after the blurFilter Tween is finished, then things will be back to normal.

This wasn’t tested with TweenMax’s latest version (as of writing) so I’m not sure if it has changed now.

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