Some information on Google Preview / Flash SEO

Hi Flashers,

Out of the many useful information regarding ‘google preview’ feature on this page:

There is 1 interesting topic that might help us improve our Flash websites. Find this question: “Do Instant Previews support Flash, Silverlight, and/or Java applets?

The answer hints that google preview does support Flash. In fact, google has an engine that attempts to read through the flash file to generate the preview image.

However most of the “index.swf” files that we create are only the “host” that will load other flash components/pages into the stage, this means if google reads the “index.swf”, it will often only see a blank, black space.

So, the most possible and typical issue is: Google engine will not wait long enough for the actual content to finish loading then capture the [expected] preview image!

This means, if we really care about this little aspect in particular and Flash SEO in general, when making flash websites, just:
– 1. make sure the host index.swf file contains a default image / text information that helps describe the website vividly, and
– 2. It’s even better that whatever text content being on the index.swf file confirms to the contents that’d normally help you SEO your website.

That’s it 🙂 hope this helps!

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