SephPlayer, open-source Flash-based media player

Hi guys,

After a long time burying myself in daily life’s mundane and hectic businesses, finally I’ve managed to blow some fresh wind into this old dusty corner of my sanctuary 🙂

The first news was that I managed to put up SephPlayer on googlecode as an open-source project. There’ll be more descriptions there for those who are interested:

Here i’ll just make a few quick notes:

1/ SephPlayer is a Flash-based media player that can play files progressively as well as via a real-time protocol such as rtmp.

2/ It’s developed out of pure hobby, and I’m not planning to match other popular players on the market right now, but the important point is that we can have fun building something from scratch, isn’t it?

3/ I hope proactive and kind-hearted Flash developers out there could help me use and test the practicality of SephPlayer, thus further enhancing the product!

4/ And last but not least, I’ll be constantly updating the googlecode host page for SephPlayer and post the information here on my blog, so stay tuned guys!

Thanks a lot for your support!

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