Happy Birthday …. Wishitives ;)

Hi everybody,

So this week was my birthday!

Some of my closer friends might actually be familiar with me always getting buried in my work on this day, every year. I don’t know why, could be a curse.. Last year I stayed up all night and for 2 consecutive years before that I even slept at the office.

Well, just so you know, the curse isn’t going anywhere this year. Same flavor. I’ve been staying up 2 nights in a row (I do sleep during daytime, just so you’re assured i’m not a monster). However, this year i feel most rewarded. And no, i’m not talking about a bunch of cups my local cellphone service provider gifted me for being their ‘silver customer’ for years (effectively meaning they’ve been successfully robbing me for years..) -what I’m talking about is that my staying up late this year isn’t attributed to anyone else but myself!

And this is it: https://birthday-wishitives.herokuapp.com/

I believe you can now start trying out the app and ignore this article for the rest of the day, but if you do feel interested in reading more about this thing, allow me to place a few explanations here:

  1. Why all this? I guess it partly comes from the popular internet saying “the amount of Facebook posts on one’s wall on their birthday is too damn high“. So why not make an app that recollects and summaries all what people post on your Facebook wall during your special days?
  2. I honestly value the care and love people (friends, colleagues and family) save for me. It’s not much but the fact that one actually go through all the hassle of clicking on your name, filling something in your Facebook wall update box and hitting ‘enter’ itself proves that he or she does care about you. Lolz I must be going too far here but meh, you get the idea 😉 And I do believe most of you also feel the same towards what your friends, colleagues and family save for you. This app is a tribute to all those good wills and kind hearts.
  3. The term “Wishitive” is born after “Talkative”. It doesn’t mean much different from the word ‘wish’ but I just felt like making a mess out of it.
  4. This app was “designed” and developed in 2 days so I myself could see there’s a lot to improve and features to add. However that’s for another weekend, or it might be never as I may get myself dragged away by life and eventually forget all about this 😀
  5. The word “designed” above is put inside a pair of quotation marks because this app was literally “undesigned”.
  6. On overall, I did this just for fun. I did have fun. I hope you too may find fun using the app 🙂

I’d also love to take this chance to drop a big thank you to all my real-life friends who have wished me good things on my birthday this year. Each of your messages has given me happiness and a great boost for me to continue my life and my work positively and usefully. I’m pretty sure I’ll be smiling most of the time when I read these words of yours again, no matter how many years in the future it’ll get to be.

Best regards,

Your friend, Khang Dinh

—– EDIT 1 (Jun 18th 2013) —–
The app now also shows links shared on the target’s timeline, not just simple text messages

3 thoughts on “Happy Birthday …. Wishitives ;)

  1. Dang it you were browsing with your phone. It must have looked weird here and there.. what a shame lol. And yes i’m interested in ethnography but not that of the native American, the native language it is.

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