A collection of error pages (40x, 50x) from popular global sites


*This is intended to be an ever WIP (Work-in-progress) post. Your contribution is much welcomed!

During my daily surfing, I come across lots of error webpages. Popular sites often get their interfaces updated, which is one good reason I’d love to “keep the moment”. Some day these error pages might be precious things for the younger netizens? 🙂

(click on the image if any of the thumbnails below is too small for your tired eyes)

1. YouTube 504 (as seen Feb 2015)


2. YouTube 500 (as seen Feb 2015)


3. DailyMotion 503 (as seen Mar 2015)


4. PlayStation Network 404 (as seen Apr 2014)


5. Twitter Over-capacity (as seen Jul 2013)

Screen Shot 2013-07-16 at 9.46.12 PM

6. IGN 404 (as seen Apr 2014)


7. Trello 404 (as seen Mar 2016)

Screen Shot 2016-03-07 at 6.30.30 AM

8. Bloomberg 404 (as seen Aug 2016)


Admit it, some, if not most, of them are lol 🙂

(to be continued…)

*Elements inside the screenshots belong to their respective website owners. If you’re the said owner and you don’t like some screenshots here being put online, just shoot me a word!

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