constant panic (my mac osx)

So, in the past month, my Mac has been automatically restarting itself times and times again. While there is a possibility that some part inside it broke down, I really don’t even wanna think about that.

Instead, I’ll just attribute it to the fact that my SSD is already 93% full, and apparently the hibernate mode has been set at something other than 0.

I’m guessing my Mac was trying to dump all current context into disk but failed in doing so, resulting in the panic. One fact was that it all happened after I first tinkered with the hibernate mode roughly more than a month ago.

So, I decided to set it back to 0 by running the command:

sudo pmset -a hibernatemode 0

(credit goes to this thread)

I hope this situation will improve, and that my mac will behave after this.

I decided to blog this incident myself so I don’t have to run around googling the command above (lol), but otherwise, hope it will be of some help / food for thoughts for someone out there.


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