npm dtrace-provider occasional issue

Context: if you use a node module having dtrace-provider as one of its dependencies, even primary or optional, once in a while you may notice a peculiar error spit out from your node processes:

Error: Cannot find module './build/Debug/DTraceProviderBindings'

This usually happens when I upgrade my Node.js version then go back to maintaining a few week old codebase.

Top-of-mind solutions are npm rebuild or remove node_modules then re-install all npm modules. Somehow those don’t work for me in the case of dtrace-provider.

Instead, what works for me is:

cd node_modules/dtrace-provider

node-gyp rebuild

Bonus: sometimes I notice node-gyp is *gone*. Nada. Nothing. And of course without me messing anything with neither global nor local npm directories. In those cases, I either re-install node-gyp or try to run the above commands under verbose mode to see where node-gyp fails me, then patch things manually.

I attribute all these weird issues to my using a mix of homebrew node and homebrew nvm, so you may not experience anything like this if your setup is different from mine. But in case you do, hope this helps!


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