Joining the world of blockchain

So, this blog post is simply a public “diary entry” announcing to the world that I’ve officially entered the world of blockchain.

Now, this is late 2021 when I’m writing these lines.

Blockchain itself started as early as 2009 (at least publicly – but definitely the idea was incepted from an even earlier point in time).

It’d be natural for anything newborn to attract a large amount of promoters, demoters, and skeptics alike. Same went for blockchain (which at the time was known more through its 1st application: Bitcoin). You may guess who I was at first. Yes, a skeptic.

I never paid attention to blockchain (nor Bitcoin) during those early years, even though I was already in the industry (working as a software engineer all my teenage & adult life so far).

I then witnessed blockchain gaining more and more tractions over the past decade. I still kept my skepticism mostly because I refused to learn & to understand all the technicalities under the hood. All my life so far, I hold a strong principle: I’d never invest my time (and money) in anything I don’t understand.

But eventually, and for whatever random little reasons, I started learning more about blockchain. I’ve done so sparingly over the years, and especially in the recent months. As a result, I now can fully understand the things my 20-something-year-old could not understand about Bitcoin.

Well what else could I say? I was not that bright in my early youth, and not that diligent during my later years 😉 I’m older, a bit weaker (lol), but definitely wiser today.

And yes: I did have the chance to buy Bitcoin when people were still gifting it away, or buying pizzas with it. But I just didn’t. Am I sad now? Can’t say I’m not, but can’t say I’m constantly grieving over it either. I made that decision and I was happy with it. I moved on. Now I’m making another decision to really get to know it.

The world of blockchain today is astonishingly larger than when I was first exposed to it in 2010 or so. Lots and lots of new knowledge to take in (yep, looking at you all: Layer0-through-4 blockchains, Smart Contracts, DeFi, DAO, Oracle, NFT, GameFi, and whatever the hell this industry thinks of next.

But I’m ready for all. I braced myself.

There. If you ever ask yourself whether it’s too late for you to start involving in this industry, then stop asking that and just start doing it. If you like it, you could decide to go on (like what I’m doing now). Or you will simply realize it’s not your thing (which is totally fine). The only advice I could give you now is that: never put the bulk of your money & time into something you don’t yet fully (or mostly) understand. As with most other things in life: please take the time to learn first, then act.

Good luck out there!

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