A quick look at YouTube API 2.0 – Retrieving data for a single video

Hi guys, As part of my project requirement, I have to fetch and parse videos from YouTube in a Flash website. The video player itself should be simple enough since we’ve got YouTube player (https://developers.google.com/youtube/flash_api_reference#Retrieving_video_information), but what about information such as view count, rating, etc.? The YouTube player certainly doesn’t display those statistics out of […]

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Some information on Google Preview / Flash SEO

Hi Flashers, Out of the many useful information regarding ‘google preview’ feature on this page: https://sites.google.com/site/webmasterhelpforum/en/faq-instant-previews#081 There is 1 interesting topic that might help us improve our Flash websites. Find this question: “Do Instant Previews support Flash, Silverlight, and/or Java applets?” The answer hints that google preview does support Flash. In fact, google has an […]

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Some good news to Flash Developers

Been buried in my work for so long, haven’t got a chance to ‘go out of the cave’ and look around, into ‘civilization’, until today (Halloween’s eve 2011 :p), when I came across such beautiful news: 1. StageVideo will soon officially support Camera signal, followed by native methods to get frame BitmapData; also a new […]

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TextFieldLink – AS3

Hey guys! Finally I decided to make this blog a place to share the lil’ goodies I come across or make myself during my work 🙂 Hopefully it’ll also help you in yours too! Today’s special is something called “TextFieldLink“. As the name implies, it is a subclass of flash.text.TextField (and thus inheriting all properties […]

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AS3 Camera experience

If you refer to a cam as Camera.getCamera(), and attach it to a Video object, make it listen to ACTIVITY event, then detach the cam from the Video object, this cam object will NEVER dispatch ACTIVITY event again! You just have to get a new Camera object, and listens to the event again. Remember this!

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Greensock Tweening Platform experience

The TweenMax, after applying “blurFilter” on a DisplayObject, even at blurX = 0 and blurY = 0, will leave the DisplayObject unclickable. This is probably a feature, probably a bug, I’m not sure. What I know is, even if we register an “onComplete” function to the blurFilter tween itself, in which we explicitly call “DisplayObject.filters […]

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