React SSR Deep(ish) look

Today, I looked into the React SSR sample code. (Kudos to Dan and team for the sophisticated user-land experience, btw). What stroke my curiosity was the <!DOCTYPE html> token at the start of the server response HTML payload: Why was I curious, you ask? Cuz at no point in the codebase do we explicitly write […]

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TypeScript Node.js testing tips

Situation 1 Use mocha in server-side TypeScript projects with compilerOptions.paths in tsconfig.json ? Then we need: mocha tsconfig-paths ts-node { “ts-node”: { “files”: true } } in the tsconfig.json file (see more here) Depending on how we import our modules around in the codebase, point (4) above may not always be needed. In one of […]

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I have a number of git repos on remote systems (e.g. GitLab) where my laptop’s pub key is already registered for a certain other account not associated with the aforementioned git repos. Thus, I usually have to GIT_SSH_COMMAND=’ssh -i <path/to/some/private/key>’ git <command> so as to communicate with these repos under the correct identity. I might […]