Ownership is forever a golden indicator of the success of any project. In plain English: You simply cannot deliver without owning… your deliverables. Good business owners hire managers who own their own team’s KPI. Excellent business owners hire managers who own the entire corporate’s KPI, but know well enough when to or not to step […]

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Using mocha with ES6+ spec files

Okay, so the problem is obvious: we want to use mocha to run spec .js files written in ES6+ ( very likely with async await being utilised ‘cuz everybody loves ’em 😉 ). I’ll go ahead and state it upfront that: there is nothing special or challenging about this. I’m blogging this only for the sheer reason […]

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npm dtrace-provider occasional issue

Context: if you use a node module having dtrace-provider as one of its dependencies, even primary or optional, once in a while you may notice a peculiar error spit out from your node processes: Error: Cannot find module ‘./build/Debug/DTraceProviderBindings’ This usually happens when I upgrade my Node.js version then go back to maintaining a few week […]

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constant panic (my mac osx)

So, in the past month, my Mac has been automatically restarting itself times and times again. While there is a possibility that some part inside it broke down, I really don’t even wanna think about that. Instead, I’ll just attribute it to the fact that my SSD is already 93% full, and apparently the hibernate […]

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