Using mocha with ES6+ spec files

Okay, so the problem is obvious: we want to use mocha to run spec .js files written in ES6+ ( very likely with async await being utilised ‘cuz everybody loves ’em 😉 ). I’ll go ahead and state it upfront that: there is nothing special or challenging about this. I’m blogging this only for the sheer reason […]

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npm dtrace-provider occasional issue

Context: if you use a node module having dtrace-provider as one of its dependencies, even primary or optional, once in a while you may notice a peculiar error spit out from your node processes: Error: Cannot find module ‘./build/Debug/DTraceProviderBindings’ This usually happens when I upgrade my Node.js version then go back to maintaining a few week […]

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constant panic (my mac osx)

So, in the past month, my Mac has been automatically restarting itself times and times again. While there is a possibility that some part inside it broke down, I really don’t even wanna think about that. Instead, I’ll just attribute it to the fact that my SSD is already 93% full, and apparently the hibernate […]

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max-width: 767px

Using Bootstrap? Most likely. Wanna apply some special rules to an element inside a grid (col-*) system within a viewport that satisfies something less than col-md but more than col-sm? @media screen and (max-width: 767px) may be your friend. If there is only one thing to come out of this, obviously the number 767. This, to remind my future self. Cheers,

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