HTML embedding Flash, ExternalInterface, and display: none

Although this situation is very unlikely to happen, I actually came across one today (work requirement, by the way), so I decided to share my observation; hope it might help clear some fog somewhere: If a Flash file (.swf) is embedded into an HTML page then made hidden (i.e. its container div’s CSS attribute “display” […]

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A quick look at YouTube API 2.0 – Retrieving data for a single video

Hi guys, As part of my project requirement, I have to fetch and parse videos from YouTube in a Flash website. The video player itself should be simple enough since we’ve got YouTube player (, but what about information such as view count, rating, etc.? The YouTube player certainly doesn’t display those statistics out of […]

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TextFieldLink – AS3

Hey guys! Finally I decided to make this blog a place to share the lil’ goodies I come across or make myself during my work 🙂 Hopefully it’ll also help you in yours too! Today’s special is something called “TextFieldLink“. As the name implies, it is a subclass of flash.text.TextField (and thus inheriting all properties […]

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AS3 Camera experience

If you refer to a cam as Camera.getCamera(), and attach it to a Video object, make it listen to ACTIVITY event, then detach the cam from the Video object, this cam object will NEVER dispatch ACTIVITY event again! You just have to get a new Camera object, and listens to the event again. Remember this!

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Greensock Tweening Platform experience

The TweenMax, after applying “blurFilter” on a DisplayObject, even at blurX = 0 and blurY = 0, will leave the DisplayObject unclickable. This is probably a feature, probably a bug, I’m not sure. What I know is, even if we register an “onComplete” function to the blurFilter tween itself, in which we explicitly call “DisplayObject.filters […]

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